The project is divided into four activities:

Activity 1 – Conception of the driving licenses for Youth Employment.
This activity consists in the conception of the following categories of driving licenses for the Youth Employment:

  • Category B: Driving in Employment;
  • Category C: Driving in Green Jobs;
  • Category D: Driving in Entrepreneurship.

Within each category their will be conditions for the validation in two stages based on driving licenses for the Youth Employment:

  • Written test for the Youth Employment: Exam in training room;
  • Driving Test for Youth Employment: Evaluation of training in the work place.

Activity 2 - Development of Pedagogical and Didactic Instruments.
This activity is to create the basic instruments for the driving system for Youth Employment, such as:

  • Written Manual for Youth Employment;
  • Driving Manual for Youth Employment.

Activity 3 - Training and Driving Validation for Youth Employment.
In this activity is taken the written training test for Youth Employment and Driving training test for Youth Employment, resulting in the moments of final evaluation of the young people and their validation for the decision to award the respective driving license for Youth Employment.

Activity 4 – Elaborate the Online Website on driving licenses for Youth Employment.
In addition to have available information about the Driving System for Youth Employment, the registration of users, the registry in classes and driving lessons for youth employment, availability to tools and technical manuals in this system and the innovative tool technique known as Easy-Pass system for Youth Employment.

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